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What is Focus Mapping? Focus Mapping© is a tool using visual, written, and verbal techniques to assist in realizing a desired outcome. It includes the use of a visual depiction of a desired outcome: Yes Elements, No Elements and May Be Elements. Each of the Elements are used to outline the Affirmation, Resistance or Refinement of an outcome. Each Focus Mapping Course allows participants to create a road map toward a desired outcome with the exploration of the flow toward, the resistance to, and the refinement of a desired outcome. Each participant will learn how to use the tool to visualize and focus their desired outcome using the Focus Mapping Tool© to generate the Map for their desired achievement.

    1. Book: Focus Mapping: How to Focus on Your Desired Outcome

    2. PDF Download: Focus Mapping: How to Focus on Your Desired Outcome

    3. Work Sheet Focus Mapping Questions

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